Product Listing

AN Terminals
AN100 Thimble
AN111 Bushing
AN115 Shackle
AN155 Turnbuckle Barrel
AN161 Clevis
AN162 Clevis
AN165 Eye
AN170 Eye
AN486 Clevis
AN663 Ball & Double Shank
AN664 Ball & Single Shank
AN665 Terminal
AN666 Terminal
AN667 Terminal
AN668 Terminal
AN669 Terminal
NAS Standards
NAS287 Chain Eye
NAS288 Chain Eye
NAS302 – NAS 330 Cable Assy.
NAS494 Ball
NAS645 Fork Terminal
NAS646 Fork Terminal
NAS647 Eye Terminal
NAS648 Eye Terminal
NAS650 Terminal
NAS651 Clip
NAS1435 Strap Terminal
Military Standards
MS17351 Cable Assy.
MS17352 Terminal
MS17353 Cable
MS20115 Shackle
MS20219 Pulley
MS20220 Pulley
MS20221 Pulley
MS24566 Pulley
MS20658 Terminal
MS20663 Ball & Double Shank
MS20664 Ball & Single Shank
MS20665 Terminal
MS20667 Terminal
MS20668 Terminal
MS21251 Turnbuckle Barrel
MS21253 Fork Terminal
MS21254 Eye Terminal
MS21255 Eye Terminal
MS21256 Clip
MS21259 Terminal
MS21260 Terminal
MS27975 Terminal
MS27976 Terminal
MS51844 Sleeve
Commercial Hardware
Cable Cutters
Cable Railings
Eye Bolts
Hand Swaging Tools
Safety Hooks
Sling Links
Wire Rope
Wire Rope Clips
Military & Federal Specifications
RR-W-410 Wire Rope
MIL-DTL-5688 Proof Loading
MIL-DTL-6117 Swaging
MIL-DTL-83140 Non-Rotating Cable
MIL-DTL-83420 Flexible Aircraft Cable
MIL-W-5424 Flexible Aircraft Cable
MIL-W-1511 Flexible Aircraft Cable
MIL-DTL-18375 Non-Magnetic Cable
MIL-W-6940 Non-Flexible Cable
MIL-DTL-87161 Non-Flexible Cable
MIL-W-5693 Non-Flexible Cable
MIL-DTL-781 Terminal
MIL-I-45208 Inspection System
MIL-I-631 Vinyl Coating
Custom Specialties
Swaging of Cable Assemblies Per MIL-DTL-6117
Proof Testing & Certification Per MIL-DTL-5688
Inspection Per MIL-I-45208, ISO 9002

This is a partial list of the items that we stock or manufacture. We have manufactured cable assemblies for most of the major aerospace firms and can custom manufacture to your requirements.